The Sterilizing Research and Advisory Council of Australia (NSW) Inc. (SRACA), the professional body of Sterilizing Technology practitioners, was started in 1962.

SRACA (NSW) Inc. promotes high standards of practice in the provision of sterilizing and disinfection services. As well the Council works closely with TAFE towards maintaining a comprehensive, up to date education program.

SRACA also runs workshops and seminars to help keep sterilizing technology practitioners fully informed on the latest developments in technology. The production of our Journal “Sterilization in Australia” which is printed each April, August and December is one of the modes of disseminating this information.

The Sterilization in Australia Journal was launched in 1981 by such luminaries of the Sterilizing world as Jonathan Milligan and Tony Mercieca along the lines of the SRACA Constitution to provide research and investigation and the expansion and sharing of knowledge in the fields of:

  • control of microbial contamination and infection and in other areas of medical, dental and veterinaries practice in microbiological laboratories and in public health


SRACA NSW Inc. holds current Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance to cover authorised SRACA NSW Inc. voluntary activities, in compliance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 [Act].

Committee Role

On a Broader Stage the Committee also plays a role in the following:

You do not have to be a Committee Member to help the Committee perform these roles. Feel free to volunteer to assist in any of the above tasks. Not only will you learn new skills, but you make new friends. Contact any of the Committee Members to see how you can help.


David Bellamy


Vacant Position

Vice President

Leanne Burns


Kim Beard


Amy Lochhead

Committee Member

Anu Chennamattam

Social Media

Heather Crofts

Committee Member

Migu Mathews

Membership Co-ordinator

Millie truong

Journal Editing

Tracey Worthington

Education Officer


  • Lynne Noring
  • Mr K.R. Boylan
  • Beryl Burns
  • Leanne Burns
  • Dr D Childs
  • Yvonne Emery
  • Rosslyn Fowler
  • Mr F.L. Hebbard
  • Nancy Heather
  • Joyce Kenyon
  • Mr Alan Lynch
  • Anthony Mercieca
  • Jonathan Milligan
  • Mrs C.M. O’brien
  • Janice Ann Robinson
  • Lorraine Robinson
  • John Sheppard
  • Mrs H.J. Short
  • Miss Norah Spence M.B.E
  • Fay Marsden
  • Sue Riley
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