Values and Recognition Award

SRACA NSW knows how good it feels to recognise a member who has made an exceptional contribution. Their work or actions have made a significant difference in our industry. SRACA NSW are all aware of the fabulous work Sterilising personnel do that many times goes unappreciated. This annual recognition is an opportunity to share and appreciate some of the exceptional sterilising personnel we have in our state. SRACA NSW invites members to nominate a colleague or even yourself for this prestigious award, with the endorsement of the Manager, Staff Supervisor or Team Leader.

The winner of the Values and Recognition award will be announced at the annual NSW SRACA Conference.
Nominations are now open and all submissions to include the application as well as being able to demonstrate one or more of the following values:
Adaptability – Someone who demonstrates flexibility in the workplace and has the ability to respond effectively to work conditions even if when things don’t go to plan. This is someone who is adaptable, continually learns and
embraces change.
Collaboration – Collaborating with team members and stakeholders to build effective working relationships to
achieve better work outcomes.
Engagement – Someone who cares and respects the department goals and values. They actively participates in quality projects, team activities and meetings.
Excellence – To foster a culture where pride and high performance in the work place is valued, nurtured and celebrated.
Innovation – The individual uses their skills at all levels to develop their knowledge, experience and creativity to its fullest extent to improve the service and processes on a continuous basis.
Problem Solving – Someone- who has the ability to identify a problem and contribute to risk assessment, evaluation and solutions.

Conditions of Entry
1. Entry is now open and all nominations
2. Nominations to be sent to NSW SRACA secretary
3. Nomination to include this application form
4. Tell us in no more than 500 words how you or the nominee demonstrate or promotes each of the values in the course of your work.
5. Nominee must be a current financial member of NSW SRACA.
6. Nomination to be endorsed by the manager, direct supervisor or team leader.
7. Each member can only nominate the same member once in a calendar year.

Review Process
Each nomination will be de-identified by the secretary and president from the committee by a number system to
prevent any bias.
Each submission is reviewed by the committee against the above criteria
Winner will be announced at the NSW SRACA yearly conference or in the event no conference it will be announced at end of year workshop

The winner of the NSW SRACA Values and Recognition award will receive:
 A Glass Trophy
 All expenses paid to attend the Federation Sterilising Research Councils of Australia National Conference.
 Feature article in the NSW SRACA journal

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